Near-Shore Software Development for Advertising and Marketing Agencies

July 14, 2013

Current research shows eCommerce is going to continue to increase and, by 2017, 25% of all on-line retailing will take place via mobile devices. 

This is both a threat and an opportunity for advertising and marketing agencies. The opportunities are there because many businesses still haven’t taken advantage of the mobile commerce trend and the threat is that when they do decide to act, they will go to a technical provider rather than a creative agency.

The problem facing the creative agencies is that the skills required to develop innovative software solutions are not the same skills which normally reside in-house. To be able to develop bespoke software that will put your clients ahead of the competition requires developers with mathematical and scientific backgrounds. They are not always easy to find and expensive to recruit and keep on the payroll.  And it is not just ecommerce solutions that businesses will want to keep them ahead of their competitors. As an agency you need to be able to combine the core activity of your business, developing creative and effective advertising and marketing solutions, with highly skilled technical software development.

Doing this in-house can be very expensive and time consuming as you may need to recruit a new person every time a new area of development is required. So if in-house is not the best way to go, what are the alternatives?

  • Bring in freelancers with the right skills for different stages of the project, again this is expensive, time consuming and you may not be able to get the right skills when you need them.
  • Outsource the project to an on-shore software development company. This has the advantage that the development team is close at hand but costs are very high!!
  • Offshore to Asia. Much cheaper but has many disadvantages.  The time difference between the UK and Asia makes managing and running the project and the remote team much more difficult. Often important review meetings have to take place at unsociable hours and this can place a burden on your in-house project managers. The distance makes visiting the developers much harder too. In reality any visit will take a week out of your schedule.
  • Near-shoring to Eastern Europe. Not much more expensive than offshoring to Asia and it is outweighed by the many advantages near-shoring has to offer. Still more competitively priced that using on-shore developers and doesn’t have the ongoing cost of full time staff once a project is completed.  Because it is only 2 or 3 hours away there are none of the time difference difficulties that can happen when offshoring. This also means it is possible to visit the developers and be back in your office in 24 hours. Leave Sunday night and you can be back in the office Monday evening. It is also much easier to manage a remote team when the time difference is not so great.

Minsk has fast developing a reputation for providing high quality IT expertise, with many of the developers holding doctorates in mathematics and physics. 

Minsk, the capital of Belarus, has a rich historical past. Unfortunately much of city was destroyed during the Great Patriotic war and now it is best known as living monument to the grandiose aspirations of Soviet architecture and urban planning. It has broad avenues, lush green parks and as with any other capital city a thriving cultural life offering everything from fine restaurant to theater, dance and opera.  The city is well connected to Europe and Russia and is the political, economic, scientific and cultural centre of the country.

So if you are planning to add software development as a key differentiator for your business why not check out how we can help you develop your service. If you are already offering software development why not see how are services could save you time and money.