Near-shoring your software development, the top ten benefits

June 30, 2013

Developing your own software is no longer seen as being only for large well established companies. Businesses from all sectors and all sizes are seeing the advantages of developing software that is bespoke to them. They may be looking to enhance their own business performance, or may be developing apps to streamline their sales process or a start-up that is developing new software solutions to sell to their customers. What ever the reason, it makes sense to look at how near-shoring your software development can save you time and money. Near-shoring has many of the same benefits of far off-shoring to India and other far eastern countries with some added benefits.  The top 10 benefits in no particular order are:

  1. Competitive Pricing: Cheaper than using an onshore team, typically the cost of employing one in-house developer could be the same as investing in 10 near-shore development employees.
  2. No recruitment costs and on-going staff costs: Recruiting specialist developers in your own country is both expensive and time consuming. There is also the problem of on-going staff costs once the project has been completed.
  3. Flexibility: Near-shore teams can easily be expanded or reduced to meet changing project requirements and specifications.
  4. Access to highly qualified IT specialists: The right team with the right expertise is available at every stage of the project with out having to waste time bringing in-house staff up to speed on different technical aspects
  5. Quicker time to market: Using dedicated near-shore teams gives access to skilled labour pool and round the clock input meaning that development times are quicker and products can get to market quicker.
  6. Innovative ideas: By using near-shore developers with highly skilled technical experts you have the added benefit of working with teams that are constantly developing new technological solutions.
  7. Well proven development processes: Most near-shore developers have highly streamlined processes and rigorous project management systems in place to ensure projects run smoothly and on time.
  8. Time Differences: Using near-shore developers means there is only ever a couple of hours time difference between you and you near-shore team. Therefore you do not have to be having review meetings at odd times of the day and it is much easer to keep track of the project.
  9. Location: Using near-shore developers means it is possible to meet with the near-shore team and be back in your own office the next day.  This makes managing the process a lot easier and can help integrate in-house and near-shore teams.
  10. Err – not sure of our number 10 ))) What do you think? There may be a small prize for the best suggestion

So when someone says to you, why don’t you off-shore your software development, think near-shore first. You can contact us below with any questions.