Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of projects which have benefited from out sourcing some of their software development.

Transport Logistics Market Place

  • A technology company developing an on-line market place for matching carriers of goods with people needing goods moved
  • The problem here was how to rapidly build a working prototype that could then scale to large scale use. The concept was reasonably simple but complexity in the detail meant that the development team needed to be deeply involved in design and suggesting approaches to the solution
  • A small, agile team was able to rapidly prototype in JAVA
  • This resulted in a flexible but stable and high performance platform to build the business


Mobile Loyalty Platform

  • This platform was to allow the management of a portfolio of mobile promotions and loyalty programmes
  • This required complex matching algorithms to distribute offers across people in such a way that providers of services get value for money and the people get offers they like 
  • The engineers found near shore had the strong technical skills to engineer the algorithms
  • They were cost effective and creative in their solutions


Financial Information Portal

  • A well established provider of financial research
  • Migrating to a new technology platform but requiring support and maintenance of the existing platform 
  • Near shore services were ideal to help them bridge the gap, enabling the in-house team to focus on the strategically important new technology platform