Near-Shore Services

My name is Mark Hinton. I have twenty years experience of software development. I have built and managed teams onshore, near-shore and off-shore.Mark Hinton

I am now working with some great software development companies in eastern Europe. These companies offer all you would expect from established off-shore suppliers with several strong points.

  • Exceptional technical teams
  • Highly cost effective
  • Small time difference from western Europe
  • Local representatives
  • Easy to travel to and from development centres
  • Excellent levels of English
  • Flexibility to grow and reduce teams quickly
  • Track record of delivery in a range of industries and technologies
As well as helping you choose the best development partner for you I can also help with:
  • Setting up the project structure
  • Communications plans and processes for the project
  • Development tools to use for the distributed team
  • Monitoring and review of progress
  • Resolving problems - if any should arise
Take a look at the Blog to see information about the benefits of near-shore software development
Please contact me to discuss your requirements